Ontological Determination of the Environment Concept Based on Heidegger’s Philosophy

The essay aims to objectively address the environment concept within current’s environmental conservation discourse. The author defines the ontological concept of environmentbased on the phenomenological evidence provided by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. The author intends to indicate that theusual understanding of the environment concept is derived from a more radical experience, which points to the between this surrounding world and human existence. This paper intends to clarify this concept, freeing it from its ambiguous use, and also to offer notesso that his issue can be revisited withbenefits to theenvironment epistemology issues. The text will also outline the discussion about an ethic and conservative posture concerning the environment and its bonds with the dwell, inhabit and responsibility notions.

O que é fenomenologia – Noções de Filosofia

Noções de Filosofia – Pe. Leonel Franca CAPÍTULO III A FENOMENOLOGIA 202. Com o nome antigo de fenomenologia ao qual se emprestou uma nova significação (249) surgiu em fins do século passado e desenvolveu-se poderosamente a mais forte e original corrente do pensamento alemão contemporâneo. Aplanaram-lhe o leito os estudos do neo-aristotélico Francisco Brentano (1838-1917), … Ler mais